The File Menu

The basic format used by MorphAnalyser is (a subset of) the .obj (Alias Wavefront) file format.

Selecting Open from the File Menu will prompt you for a .obj file or a .avg file. The .avg file is an extension of the .obj format to include information of the distribution of each point in the mesh about the mean, intended for storing averages. Importers are included for 3dMD files (.tsb), Wicks and Wilson TriForm? scanners (.tfm) and a simplified version of VRML .wrl files (was used to load files from Dimensional Imaging

Save only allows saving of .obj files. Save Average will save a .avg file.

Capture screenshot will capture a single screenshot. You can adjust the scale and the file name to save to.

The Settings option allows you to alter the background colour and vary the transparency for the transparent (multi-view) option.