View Menu

The view menu displays how the surface is displayed, options include:

Display wireframe::

Display the edges of the triangles rather than filling them.

Display texture::

Turn the texture map on and off.

Display shaded::

Shade using the lights. The scene contains two directional lights, the light direction can be varied using the arrow keys, if the shift key is down light 2 is moved otherwise it is light 1.

Display transparent::

Makes the surface (sort of) transparent.

Display Axis::

Display the coordinate axes.

Side panel::

Displays 3 views of the surface.

View setup::

A dialog to control the view direction etc.

Super imposition::

Loads another surface and displays both at once, for eyeball comparison. You are prompted for a template and the surface, if the template is selected it will attempt to align the two surfaces using the current template and the loaded template before display. If cancel is selected at the template load dialog no alignment is performed.