Privacy Policy for Bryn Celli Ddu Augmented Reality App

Who is the app owner?

The app is owned by Aber Trading Ltd a subsidiary of Aberystwyth University.   It was developed as a collaboration between Aberystwyth University, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Central Lancashire, Mint Motion, Cadw and Jon Hughes.

What data is being collected? How is that data being collected?

No data is collected or stored by the app.  The app uses the device sensors, such as the camera, GPS, and motion sensors to implement the Augmented Reality features, but none of this data is stored.

What is the Legal basis for the collection?

No data is collected or stored by the app.

For which specific purposes are the data collected? Analytics? Email Marketing?

No data is collected or stored by the app.

The categories of sources from which you collect consumers’ personal information

No personal information is collected or stored by the app.

Which third parties will have access to the information? Will any third party collect data through widgets (e.g. social buttons) and integrations (e.g. facebook connect)?

No third parties will have access to any user information.

Where applicable, details relating to cross-border/ overseas data transfer and which measures were put into place to facilitate this in a safe and compliant way.

This is not applicable is no user data is collected or stored by the app.

What rights do users have? Can they request to see the data you have on them, can they request to rectify, erase or block their data?

Users retain full rights to their data, but we do not collect or store any user data.

Description of process for notifying users and visitors of changes or updates to the privacy policy

Any changes to the privacy policy will be accompanied by an update to the app and to this privacy policy.

Effective date of the privacy policy

22nd January 2020.

Contact: Bernie Tiddeman