Tips for using Psychomorph

By various current and former members of the Perception lab

delineation (mapping templates to images):

  • load image in template window
  • random template should load on top of image and can be manipulated cross-by-cross to outline image features
  • if random template is too far off from image, go to template menu, select 'Auto Delineation', 'ASM AutoDelineate?' and then select ".asm". follow the instructions it gives.
  • important crosses:
  • two crosses below bottom of ear should be placed to indicate where neck joins chin (bottom of ear: where cheek and ear lines join)
  • 2 line-less crosses, one for each eye, should be in centre of each pupil
  • for lips, red line(TOP lip) should be along bottom of top lip and blue line(BOTTOM lip) along top of bottom lip
  • lowest hair points should connect to the shoulder where neck and shoulder seem to merge
  • nostrils each have one cross on inside, and one indicating where the nostril surround connects to upper lip area, there should be three other crosses outlining outside of lower nose
  • make sure that NO LINES CROSS, especially in/around eyes
  • when the template is complete, save as "template" not as "image"
  • when you reload that particular image, the new template should automatically load on top of it

averaging (merging multiple faces together to create composite face):

  • in the double window, go to "average" menu and select "make average list"
  • select tem as file extension. if the images you are using are tiffs/jpgs, put tiff/jpg for next option then tem again.
  • when completed, this should create a txt file in the directory you have selected, make sure it is in the directory you keep the images that you want to use.
  • access the txt file and take out any images you dont want, just delete the unwanted ones, get rid of the spaces and save
  • when you have saved, go back to the "average" menu and select "average images..." and click on the txt file
  • this will merge all the faces you have in the txt file together
  • if image ends up tilted, you can go back to txt file and paste a more straigtened image first and save then re-average

aligning (re-aligining image according to position of eyes so that eyes are equal height from base of frame):

  • in the template window under the template menu, go to option "align eyes", in which there is an option to align eyes or batch align.
  • if you are aligning individually, just select "align eyes"
  • if you are aligning a group of faces, go to the "make average list" option in double window first, then select "batch align eyes"
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