Batch Transforming Images

There are a number of ways to create multiple output images in a batch.

Make sequence

Make sequence transforms a single image in a number of steps. You are prompted for the start and end values and the number of steps to use. Currently the shape, colour and texture is transformed in equal amounts at each step.

Batch transform

Batch transform performs the same transform, as defined by the left and right images, slider settings and transform options etc., to a collection of images (with templates) defined in a 'standard' text file (listing the image and template name on each line).

Super batch transform

Super batch transform uses a text file which specifies a single or sequence of transforms on each line. The columns it is looking for are:

  1. subject file name (i.e. Transform window)
  2. source file name (i.e. left hand window)
  3. target file name (i.e. right hand window)
  4. start amount
  5. end amount
  6. number of steps
  7. output file name
  8. shape boolean value (0 or 1)
  9. colour boolean value (0 or 1)
  10. texture boolean value (0 or 1)
  11. mask boolean value (0 or 1)
  12. sample boolean value (0 or 1)
  13. resize scale (float)

The file names should be provided without an extension and the script only works with .jpg images and .tem templates (the extension is appended). If a mask file has been previously loaded it will be used where requested, if not you will be prompted for a mask file on the first line masking is requested. Scaling of the subject image and template is applied (if not 1) after loading the image (before applying the transform).

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