Getting and running the program

JPsychomorph runs via java webstart, you will need to have Java installed and your browser should be configured to recognise JNLP files and start them with javaws.

The launch page is currently located here, along with some example images and other useful data.

Once it has been installed an icon will be placed on the desktop (currently called FaceMorphLib, but this should be fixed soon), and the program can be run by clicking on the icon.

As of January 2015, java permissions refuse to let psychomorph run. The solution is to add the site to the java exceptions list. In Windows, go to control panel and open the Java panel. Under the security tab, edit the exception site list and add and - it will complain about this not being recommended, but go ahead and click OK. When you run psychomorph, it should ask for permission, twice, as it used to.

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