Version 2 Release Notes

In this edition I have tried to respond to your requests from the first pass attempt, from memory this includes:

1) Highlighting of lines and points on mouse over.

2) More precise indication of transform amount on sliders and preview (now with slider).

3) Super batch transform

4) Align eyes and batch align eyes

5) Option not to drag image about (achieved by displaying rectangle).

I've also added some features:

1) Build PCA models of shape and image colour, analyse and reconstruct using PCA.

2) Tracker - allows you to build a (subject specific) AAM (by delineating a few frames in a sequence) and use it to track the rest of the sequence. It's not a very fast implementation (mostly because of the software warping it is currently using), but is better than delineating all by hand.

In addition I've fixed some problems with the internal workings e.g. the averaging was pre-loading all images and templates which could lead to running out of memory (currently set at 1Gb, let me know if you need more).

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