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Terms and conditions

The Face Transformer is a fun toy only, and is not guaranteed fit for any purpose, implied or otherwise. The Perception Laboratory and the University of St Andrews accepts no responsibility for loss or damage incured while using this software.

By using the Face Transformer you agree not to abuse the service by uploading copyright or pornographic material. We make every effort to ensure that pornographic or copyright images are not stored or accessible though our web site, by making regular checks through the uploaded images. If you believe that any such data have been uploaded to our site, please inform us immediately, stating the username for the image, and we will remove the offending material.

We endevour to ensure that the image and personal details that you submit will be accesible only via the applet, although any images uploaded will be visible for a short period to other users (we are working to resolve this). We reserve the right to use your facial image and the personal data you have supplied for scientific research purposes only. We will not publish your facial image on the web, in scientific journals or in the media without prior consent.

An Outreach programme from the Computer Science Dept. at Aberystwyth University
Contact Bernie Tiddeman on bpt at aber dot ac dot uk