Morphing Demo

Use the applet below to morph one face into another. First click and drag the circles onto the eyes and the oval onto the mouth, then click next. Then do the same for the scond face. Finally, move the mouse over the applet to morph between the two images. You are able to disable either of the two images, thus leaving behind only the shape transforms. You can also display the traingles used to draw the faces.

Try it yourself

Please select two JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) or GIF (.gif) images on your computer that you want to morph.

How it works

We first triangulate the points on each face. We can distort the image by moving the corners of the triangles and drawing the distorted triangle. To find an intermediate shape we find a weighted average of the positions of each face point from each face. We can then blend the colours of the two distorted images to give the impression of a smooth change.

An Outreach programme from the Computer Science Dept. at Aberystwyth University
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